Dates for Summer 2020: Monday 6/7/20

(14th Tammuz - 25th) July 17/7/20

Something wonderful is happening this summer!

  for girls finishing 8th and 9th grade




 Join us for an enriching experience for 2 magical weeks on our beautiful campus in the South

At Machane Hineni we create memories that will last you a lifetime 

and make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

Morning activity:    unique young leadership and social awareness  program in Yerucham and Dimona
Afternoon and evening activity:fun filled activities, wide range of original and exciting programs, water tiyulim, swimming, ODT, Dead Sea, challenging games and discussions, health evening, barbecue, and many more adventures and magical moments!

A camp where every girl will become a social entrepeneur!

!Meet girls from all over the country whilst having the time of your life

                         .Over 2000 alumni                            

                                    We are looking forward to seeing you in camp this year

                                                           for an amazing summer so together we can create a better world..... 

                                                           Esther and the Hineni Team



About us

This will be the  18th year that girls from all over the country ( and a few from abroad) will be joining us for two weeks in Machane Arad for the Summer Leadership and Social Responsibilities Action Program.


Machane Hineni was born out of a need to create a meaningful summer experience. Our programme is unique in that it combines the values of chessed and giving to society with the fun filled activities of a summer camp.


The concept is very simple.In the afternoon the girls are regular campers. In the morning they take over the city of Arad and Dimona organizing many different social and welfare activities for underprivileged children, the elderly and special needs.


It is our aim that every single girl who participates in camp will come out with a true inner knowledge that she is unique and has an invaluable contribution to make in the world.


Camp takes place in our beautiful campus in the scenery of the Yerucham desert and the programme is organised, accompanied and overseen by our full-time experienced staff.


Our Roshim and Madrichim are well experienced, responsible, and chosen for their role model qualities, often from our alumni.


We look forward to seeing you among our campers this year!!!

Esther Einstein (camp director) and the Hineni team


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