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Dates & Prices

We are an Amuta who collects donations in order to make this educational

and value packed camp happen.

Especially now when we have seen the importance of good leadership  we see an extraordinary opportunity to educate to these values in a warm family atmosphere where each chanicha is important and empowered and given personal attention, so

-we know this a little unusual

although the real camp  price of the program is 4500 sh every camper is subsidized!

so this camp experience is worth way over the price you pay!


Mini Mach 2024 - for girls finishing Grade 7 -one week - 1580sh 

Dates: Monday 1/7/24- Friday  5/7/24 

Machane Hineni 2024 (for girls finishing grades 8) 10 day program: 3250sh

Hineni 10 -for girls finishing grade 9 and  - returning campers Monday 1/7/24- Wednesday 10/7/24 3250sh 


If this sum is not possible for you please contact us and luckily we have sponsors that understand the educational value of this experience and are helping us with subsidies.

Please call us or sign up for a subsidy

Esther 0509931016

 *Campers who are foreign residents pay the full fee of 4500sh

Camp Protocol

These are trying and changeable times so if camp is cancelled before it starts due to the security situation there will be a full refund apart from the 400sh registration fee.

Only in the event that a camper is sick and the doctor advises that she leaves camp or if camp is cancelled you will receive a refund according to this scale:

Monday 2/7 -70% refund

Wednesday 6/7 -50% refund

Friday 8/7 -25% refund

From Shabbat there will be no refund

Girls will not be permitted to leave the campus without camp consent and written letter from parents stating times of leaving and return. A responsible adult will have to pick up and return the camper.




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