How do I sign up for camp?


1. Fill out the application form completely.


2. Then pay 150 sh registration fee (to be deducted from camp fee) in order to ensure your spot in camp !! This is done by clicking on the button PAY NOW.

3.  Pay 2250sh on the secure payment page or send a cheque for 2100 sh (registration fee has been deducted)

You can also pay in up to 4 installments- 
in the mail made payable to "Even Achat Ba"am" 

Esther Einstein
Machane Hineni
17 Rechov Ettinger,  
Kiryat Yovel, 

 Or transfer money to the account Bank Mizrachi Tfachot, "Even Achat Ba"am", Alon Shvut, Branch no.454, Account no. 105293. Please notify us if you use this option.



 Particiants from foreign countries other than Israel will be required  to pay a full fee of 3000sh. Please fill in the registration form, pay the registration fee and then transfer the remaining sum to the bank account below. It is very important to send us a full medical report signed by a doctor and your daughter's medical insurance before camp begins. She should bring the original with her.

Please note that if camp is cancelled you will receive a refund except for 150 sh administration fees. If you cancel camp after June 20th  or if your daughter leaves camp early or is sent home for disciplinary reasons there will be no refund.

Best regards,
Hineni Camp staff