Dates & Prices



Machane Hineni  2021 (for girls finishing grades 8 and 9)10 day program: 
Dates: Sunday  (4/7/21) to Tuesday (13/7/21)

We are an Amuta who collects donations in order to make this educational

and value packed camp happen.

Especially now when we have seen the importance of togetherness and volunteering we see an extraordinary opportunity to educate to these values so-we know this a little unusual

but the real camp  price of the program is 3500 sh

but because the camp is subsidized each girl only pays 2350sh

including registration fee of 200sh.

and this camp experience is worth way over that.....

We are aware that because of corona these are uncertain times and that is why we will

be giving a full refund (apart from 200sh registration fee) if camp is cancelled.


If this sum is not possible for you please contact us and luckily we have sponsors that understand the educational value of this experience and are helping us with subsidies.

Please call us or sign up for a subsidy 

Esther 0509931016

 *Campers who are foreign residents pay the full fee of 3500sh


We receive many requests from girls who need more funding to be able to join.........

If you in a position help campers who would otherwise be unable to participate you could make someone really happy...

 Funding one activity for a child in camp - ₪ 130

 Funding part of Shabbat for one camper - ₪ 180

 Funding a one day of participating in camp - ₪ 235

 Funding a week of participating in camp - ₪ 1640

 Funding a full scholarship - ₪ 2350

Camp Hineni Scholarship-Paybox 0509931016